Future-proof Internet and data connectivity for next-gen buildings.

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What Andrena provides

network building We cover the full build cost and install a property-wide network for all of your residents and IoT devices.
location Residents have Internet on move-in day, and from couch to curb.
streamline Streamline operations and improve your property value.

Our partners include:

Partner LM
Partner Greystar
Partner Starwood
Partner Hanini
Partner Industry City
Partner NHP Foundation
Partner Bluestone
Partner Mint House
Partner Tavros
Partner Salman Capital
Partner Dime
Partner Winchester Equities
Partner Hvrs
Partner Alma
Partner Lofts
Partner Community Builders
Partner Arker Companies
Partner Spaxel

How it Works

We place an Andrena antenna on your rooftop that supplies connectivity for your entire property.
We deploy a system of synchronized wireless access points throughout your property without accessing any individual units.
Residents enjoy ubiquitous connectivity across the property and staff gets free connectivity for building operations and devices.

Improve the residential experience

Freedom of choice Give your residents the freedom of choice with Internet starting at $30.
Easily signup Residents easily sign up on their own. No installation scheduling needed.
Network building A fully-wired building means residents can get online anywhere, even in common areas.


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Andrena works with retrofits and new builds, and we customize our offering to the needs of your building, residents, staff, and devices.
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We cover the full cost of installation and ongoing service. We're the Internet provider your residents come to, so you don't have to lift a finger.
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Smart locks? Thermostats? Boiler room monitoring? Andrena's full-building installation brings connectivity to where you need it most, not just where it's convenient. We work with building ownership to make sure the installation is specific to your building and staff's needs.
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We are happy to work with the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), helping eligible households cover up to $30 of their monthly internet service.
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