You do real estate.
We do Internet.

Future proof your building with next generation wireless Internet.

What's in it for you?

Future Proof

Free connectivity throughout your building including common areas and office.

No Cost To You

$0 cost to owner and manager of the property.

Reduced Traffic

Andrena leverages software and a next generation wireless solution to limit foot traffic through your property.

What's in it for your residents?

Your residents save money.

Give your residents the freedom of choice with high-speed home Internet starting at $25 per month with no hidden fees and the first month is free.
No installation scheduling.

Existing and new residents can sign up and create their own personal WiFi network within minutes. New residents have Internet on move in day without having to schedule an appointment.
Building-wide Internet access.

Residents can access their Andrena Internet from anywhere in the building, including common areas.

Installation Overview

We install our hub on your roof.
We strategically place Internet hotspots through your building.
You and your residents start browsing immediately.

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